What should I bring?

-A USB Memory Stick (16-32GB preferred) OR a USB hard drive (100GB or more) to back up your files: We are not responsible for file backups. If something happens after the completion of a session we are not responsible for file/session data loss.
-Your instruments: guitar, bass, drums, amps, etc.
Or your Beats: WAV or MP3 or Tracked Out WAV Stems.
-Lyrics: Have all your completed lyrics printed out or in a portable form (iPad, Smartphone, Etc.) before you come in.

Can I take a tour of Black Diamond?

YES! CONTACT US to schedule a time and date.

Do you have an intern program?

Anytime we are hiring interns, we will post it to our FACEBOOK.

Does Black Diamond also do mastering?

We can, but we recommend sending your project to a dedicated mastering facility.

Are you Cannabis friendly?

Yes We Are! Cannabis is legal in Oregon for Adults aged 21+.


Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS too!