Matt Jefferson

Musician: 20+ Years
Recording/Producing: 20+ Years
AVID Pro Tools: 16+ Years

As one of the lead engineers of Black Diamond, Matt has recorded and worked with nearly every genre of music. He is able to perform every role in the studio: musician, producer, and engineer. A long time user of Pro Tools software platform, Matt specializes in many of todays modern tools of music production. Matt also understands the angle of the artist; his number one priority is maintaining the vision of the artist, maximizing their potential in the studio, and helping them attain the best result possible.


Andrew Shartle

Musician: 10+ Years
Recording/Producing: 16+ Years
AVID Pro Tools: 10+ Years
Ableton Live: 15+ Years
Logic Pro: 15+ Years

As the other lead engineer, Andrew spends most of his time mixing and mastering all types of music. Need a custom beat? Want some crazy sound effects or custom sound design? He is your guy. With a background in electronic production and mixing, Andrew brings quality and consistency to every project.
Andrew also is our Studio Tech. Making sure all our gear is running smoothly and building custom pieces for the place.


Alex McDonald

Musician: 10+ Years
Recording/Producing: 7+ Years
AVID Pro Tools: 4+ Years

House engineer Alex McDonald is a multi-talented musician/drummer/engineer/producer who can help capture and produce your band’s sound to the next level.
He has an extensive background in tracking and editing all styles of rock and metal, but is well suited as an engineer for a wide variety of sounds and styles.
Whether you need editing or tightening of your tracks, a session drummer/engineer all in one, or just an all around great tracking and session engineer, Alex can deliver for you.


Ben Dunlap

Musician : 10+ Years
Recording/Production : 5+ Years
Avid/Pro Tools : 5+ Years

The newest member of our team, Ben Dunlap joined after moving to Portland in late 2018. He quickly became an active member of the local underground music scene, playing shows and recording local independent groups.
With experience in genres from jazz to hardcore and everything in between, Ben is a talented engineer and multi-instrumentalist.
His emphasis on creativity, experimentation, and spontaneity, combined with a good ear and an industrious work ethic make for compelling and unique experiences and products for artists of any style.


Chris Ficht

Chris is currently on hiatus but will be back soon!