Tiger Roberts

House Engineer Tiger Roberts is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and a Grammy Award Winning Producer.
He has an extensive background in tracking, editing, producing, mixing & mastering R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock music, but is qualified as an engineer to record any genre of music. Being a recording artist himself, he understands the sensitivity and the personal nature of being an artist and creating art/music. His aim is always to help the artist in any way possible to complete their creative vision in the studio, and to be happy and satisfied with the end results.
Whether you need tracking, editing, production, or mixing & mastering, Tiger can handle it for you.

Matt Jefferson

Lead engineer of Black Diamond, Matt has recorded and worked with nearly every genre of music. He is able to perform every role in the studio: musician, producer, and engineer. A long time user of Pro Tools software platform, Matt specializes in many of todays modern tools of music production. Matt also understands the angle of the artist; his number one priority is maintaining the vision of the artist, maximizing their potential in the studio, and helping them attain the best result possible.

Alex McDonald

House engineer Alex McDonald is a multi-talented musician/drummer/engineer/producer who can help capture and produce your band’s sound to the next level.
He has an extensive background in tracking and editing all styles of rock and metal, but is well suited as an engineer for a wide variety of sounds and styles.
Whether you need editing or tightening of your tracks, a session drummer/engineer all in one, or just an all around great tracking and session engineer, Alex can deliver for you.