24 bus split console design
36 channel master/ 24 channel monitor
84 inputs on mix mode
Master section : variable high-pass filter,
4-band enhanced semi-parametric EQ, 2 stereo AUX sends,
4 mono AUX sends
Monitor section : enhanced semi-parametric EQ,
2 stereo AUX sends, 4 mono AUX sends
Selectable plasma metering
176 Point Bantam Patchbay + Full Console Access over Bantam
Uptown Flying Fader System – 37 Channels (36 Mix + 1 Master)


Antelope Audio Orion 32 HD
Digidesign 96 I/O
Digidesign MIDI I/O
(56 Analog Audio Inputs/56 Outputs Total)

Antelope Audio Orion Studio rev. 2017
-Expanded with 2x Behringer ADA8200
(28 Inputs/32 Outputs total)


Genelec 1032A (2) +
Genelec 7071A Subwoofer
Yamaha NS-10M (2)
Dangerous Music Monitor ST
Bryston 4B ST Power Amp


Mac Pro 2x 2.66 6-Core (24 Threads Total), 64GB RAM, SSD+USB 3.0
UAD-2 PCIe Duo Core DSP
Dual Monitors (43″ 4K & 40″ 4K)
32″ Mobile 1080P HD Monitor for recording to picture in the live rooms/vocal booth


Tube-Tech CL1B Compressor (1)
API 3124V 4 Channel Mic Preamp (1)
Manley VOXBOX (1)
Manley Dual Mono Preamp (4)
Altec 1591A Mono Preamp/Compressor (2)
Altec 1592B 5 Channel Mixer/Preamps (2)
Altec 9860A Active Equalizer (2)
Urei 539 Graphic EQ (2)
Drawmer 1960-A Stereo Preamp (1)
ART Pro MPA Stereo Preamp (1)
ART Pro Tube Channel Strip (Modified by Andy) (1)
Chandler Limited EMI RS-124 Mono Vari-Mu Compressor (1)
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X (British Mod) (2)
dbx 160XT Mono Compressor (2)
Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor (3)
1176-KT FET Mono Compressor (2)
KT-2A Optical Mono Compressor – Modified by Andy (1)
Symetrix CL-150 Mono Compressor (1)
dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizers (1)
Behringer ADA8200 (Midas Preamps) (2)
Midas L10 500 Series Rack:
-Hairball Audio LOLA Preamp/DI (1)
-DIYRE CP5 Colour Preamp with API Opamp (2)
-DIYRE Colour Palette (2)
–DIYRE Colours : 15 IPS Tape (2), Colourupter (2),
CTX Cinemag Transformer (2), HRK British Console (2),
HRK Discrete Saturation (2), JFT Class A Transistor (2)

The Producer Desk rack has a 32 point XLR patchbay (8 Combo Jacks, 24 XLR Female) and a 96 point DB25 patchbay for producers/engineers gear to be easily integrated into our patchbay system.


AKG C414 B-XL II (matched pair) (2)
AKG/Telefunken C12 TUBE CLONE (Custom Built by Andy) (1)
AKG C451 B (2) AKG D112 (2)
Antelope Audio Edge Duo Modeling Microphone (1)
Apex 460B Tube Mic with Advanced Audio C12 Mod (1)
Aston Microphones Starlight (matched pair) (2)
Audix D6 (2)
Lewitt LCT 140 AIR (1)
MXL Revelation Variable Pattern Tube Microphone (1)
Neat Microphones Worker Bee (2)
Neumann KM184 (matched pair) (2)
Neumann TLM103 (1)
Neumann/Telefunken U47 TUBE CLONE (Custom Built by Andy) (1)
Neumann U87 (1)
Neumann U87 CLONE (Custom Built by Andy) (1)
Rode NT1-A (matched pair) (2)
Royer R-121 (matched pair) (2)
Sennheiser MD 421 – Black (4)
Shure Beta 57A (2)
Shure SM7B (1)
Shure SM57 (6)
Shure SM57 Right Angle Mod (1)
Shure Unidyne III 545S (1)
Slate Digital ML-2 Modeling Microphone (2)
Soundelux U195 (1)
War Barbie (Custom Ribbon Mic built by Andy) (1)
Custom Subkick Mic (1)
Custom Binaural Dummy Head Mic (Built by Andy) (1)


AVID Pro Tools 2019 Ultimate
Ableton Live 9 & 10.1 Suite
Presonus Studio One Professional
Apple Logic Pro X
Source Elements Source Connect + Source Nexus
Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle
Universal Audio Omni Collection
Soundtoys 5 Bundle
Plug & Mix VIP Bundle
Waves Collection
Native Instruments Komplete 10
Neural DSP
Nomad Factory Collection
Slate Digital All Access Bundle
Slate Trigger 2
Drumagog 5 Platinum
Antares Auto-Tune Pro
Audio Ease
Bomb Factory Collection
IK Multimedia Collection
Izotope Collection
Toontrack DFH Superior + All Expansion Packs
Quantum Leap Pianos by EastWest
…and many more


Cable-Nelson Baby Grand Piano
Sherman, Clay & Company Baby Grand Piano
Yamaha S30 Music Synthesizer
Studiologic SL-880 MIDI Controller
Studiologic SL-161 MIDI Controller
Hammond Organ
Gretsch Catalina Maple Black Stardust 7 Piece Kit
Ludwig Yellow Vistalite 5 Piece Kit
PDP Kits (x2, varying shells)
Pearl Kit
Various Extra Percussion and Snares