Matt Jefferson

Musician: 20+ Years
Recording/Producing: 16+ Years
AVID Pro Tools: 11+ Years

As head engineer of Black Diamond, Matt has recorded and worked with nearly every genre of music. He is able to perform every role in the studio: musician, producer, and engineer. A long time user of Pro Tools software platform, Matt specializes in many of todays modern tools of music production. Matt also understands the angle of the artist; his number one priority is maintaining the vision of the artist, maximizing their potential in the studio, and helping them attain the best result possible.


Andrew Shartle

Musician: 10+ Years
Recording/Producing: 11+ Years
AVID Pro Tools: 6+ Years
Ableton Live: 10+ Years
Logic Pro: 10+ Years

As 2nd engineer, Andrew spends most of his time mixing and mastering all types of music. Need a custom beat? Want some crazy sound effects or custom sound design? He is your guy. With a background in electronic production and mixing, Andrew brings quality and consistency to every project.